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Re: More on Common Fund request etc

SavetheFarm, Randy Coloni
- 05/09/2024 15:36:07
I'm fine with using the common fund, and I will add an additional $100 to the fund just so it's adequate. It seems to be doing what it was intended to do and I want to support that. If you would just remind me of the best way to add the money I'll proceed. As I am working to find housing for my son and daughter-in-law (they are currently in my basement) it is really clear to me how tough it is out there for folks working hard for little pay. Even the great progress in getting the minimum wage up near $15/hr doesn't begin to allow you to even find a basic apartment.

On Thu, May 9, 2024 at 10:06 AM Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

hi again

Randy, between you and me we could give the whole loan from our Common Fund amounts, and then keep what's in PIFF there for other uses. That would deplete both our savings in the Common Fund but it'll be paid back. Feel free to connect with me 1:1 about this, and if we don't choose to do this we'll make the loan from PIFF. Everyone else - if you have savings in the common fund, do you want to consider loaning part of them for this?

Then - Kacy, you can paypal money here, or make an EFT if that's better for you. Let me know if you want account info for the latter, and if it's paypal here's a link (it says yearly membership but we'll know what it's for)

Thanks all

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