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HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/09/2022 17:41:22

Hello all,

I have now added you to this super-group email list of people who have been working on Community Justice and Peacebuilding - in organizations, institutions, as individuals.

If you don't want emails on this topic, you can remove yourself by clicking the lin

I combined lists from Dane Restorative J ustice Coalition, Community Restorative Court, the Homelessness Restorative Justice Project, and the Community Response Team. This is far from exhaustive and this contact list is intended to be able to add and remove people easily, as they wish.

We'll aim to move work flows and more frequent communications into sub-groups, and this will become more of an announcement space for setting up quarterly check-ins among the bigger group of participants.

For now, please email me directly at info@mutualaidnetwork.org to suggest people to add to this list.

Stephanie Rearick
(rep. of Madison Mutual Aid Network Coop in Homelessness Restorative Justice Project, member of various RJ community groups, temporary convenor of this group)