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Meet Thur 6/30 12-1 re Community Justice and Peacebuilding work session

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/17/2022 16:35:23

Hello all,

I hope you can make it to the Social Justice Center conference room 1202 Williamson, or zoom here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7433558070?pwd=NThPTUxxaDZEU2RLZVgvU2wwU1JIUT09
on Thursday June 30, 12-1.

We will check in on needs and ways to move forward in a few areas - including what kinds of groupings work for what specific areas of work, and how we'll keep in touch and move forward in each.

We'll also have at least one work session, which will be putting together something of a template/flow chart/handbook for the detailed process of RJ referrals, in order to have more ease, clarity, and replicability.

Other areas of work include building more training and peacemaking capacity, more effectively connecting with the capacity that already exists, building better improvement- and values-oriented evaluation measures, and more. We'll address how we move forward on various pieces.

Once again, I'm hosting this for now just to regroup some work that has paused or scattered, and others are more than welcome to make suggestions and/or offer to step up.

Thanks much!

Take care,
Stephanie (Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN) Cooperative)