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More info for Monday PB&J meeting (SJC and zoom, 12-1pm on 6/26)

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/22/2023 19:23:53

Hello all,
Those of us who are available will meet for an hour on Monday June 26, 12-1. We'll meet at the Social Justice Center and on zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7433558070?pwd=NThPTUxxaDZEU2RLZVgvU2wwU1JIUT09.

Those of us who meet will work out a plan to communicate with everyone and get your input.

We'll explore what it might mean to become a sub-group of Public Health Madison/Dane County (details below!), and what we'll do to keep going if not. We'll plan a few next steps.

If you'd like to weigh in prior to the meeting please be in touch at info@mutualaidnetwork.org. We want all your questions, concerns, and inspiration represented whether you can make it Monday or not. I'm also happy to meet with any and all of you one on one or in small groups to check in on how we can regroup and move forward on common goals.

Here's what it could mean to become a workgroup of the Madison Violence Prevention Coalition:

The Madison Dane County Violence Prevention Coalition is centered around the Roadmap to Violence Prevention (https://www.publichealthmdc.com/community-initiatives/violence-prevention/our-roadmap-to-reducing-violence). This document, released in 2021 (with planned rerelease in 2026), was created with and for Madison and Dane County stakeholder engaged in violence prevention work. Restorative Justice work is included in the Roadmap as an important strategy in violence prevention. Goal 4 – Bolster and Increase Intervention and Continuous Healing for those impacted by Violence; Strategy 6 – Strengthen and Increase Restorative Justice Practices in courts, child welfare institutions, schools, and community settings through better coordination between organizations.

Having the PB&J group engaging as a workgroup of the Madison Dane County Violence Prevention Coalition allows for the opportunity for intentional engagement with additional stakeholders whose work intersects, but whom may not have sought out engagement with this group specifically.

Additionally, as a backbone agency, Public Health Madison & Dane County Violence Prevention Unit (https://www.publichealthmdc.com/community-initiatives/violence-prevention) could provide the following:
1. Facilitation support
2. Data and Evaluation support
3. Opportunities to cross collaborate with the larger Coalition
4. Reduce duplication for some who are already engaged in the Coalition in addition to this group

Again, please be in touch and we hope to see you Monday 12-1!

--Stephanie Rearick
Madison Mutual Aid Network Coop, info@mutualaidnetwork.org