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Let's get dreamy the ball rolling :)

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 10/10/2023 13:29:02

Hello dreamers (and potential dreamers)

First - welcome to the HUMANs global cooperative network!

Second - we want to be sure we're reaching you, so please reply to let us know. You can reply here to the whole group to introduce yourself (we're sending this to everyone who's signed up with interest in Dreamer level membership) or you can email info@mutualaidnetwork.org just to let us know we're getting past your spam filters.
If we don't hear from you we're going to find ways to text, call, or reach you through social media.

Third - we'd love to schedule some sharing sessions so we can learn your needs and tailor our interactions to meet them (i.e. organizing workshops, tech, etc)

When we hear back from you we'll move forward on moving forward.

Thanks much!
President of the HUMANs (haha, but that really is my official title :)