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Re: EG planning at Meal and workshop 4.26, 5-7 at SJC

MAN Madison, Lisa Nunez
- 04/17/2024 17:49:30
Check, check, check...
Sweet potato quesadilla and little baked potatoes for dinner! 
Thanks for your patience with all this! 

On Wed, Apr 17, 2024, 11:38 AM Stephanie Rearick <steph@at-home.coop> wrote:

hi there!

Let's plan some future steps for Everywhere Gardens at our meal on Friday April 26, 5-7 at SJC.

Who's coming? What kind of food or drink would you like to bring? No problem if you can't bring anything, your presence is the present :)

And - some people have suggested EG meeting times and contact methods but most haven't. Please reply to Sean's last email (click 'see more' in this message if you see that, and hopefully other parts of the email thread open up) and/or reply to this with your interest and schedule and good ways to contact you.

If you can, come to the meal and workshop and make further plans together.


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