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Re: Week of May 29

kacy zander
- 05/26/2023 16:02:29
Thnks Lisa

On Fri, May 26, 2023, 7:30 AM Lisa Nunez <lisanunez50@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all!

We plan to hold a regular meeting/check in at The Social Justice Center weekly on Tuesday, 4pm. For the week of May 29, however, I'd like to concentrate on work groups we need to get stuff in the ground!

These are the current work groups we have set up -
Please communicate with one another directly by any method you like to arrange work and work days.

Cindy's house -  Sean, the Artist (lisa as needed)
Estys house: Lisa (dirt delivery) the Artist, Ech, Sean
The Social Justice Center: Maple, Lisa
Barb's house - Lisa

Tuesday - I have agreed to take another load of dirt to Esty's house - if you want to help shove dirt, please text me: 608-332-5834 (can't answer phone at work, so text is ideal).  If you have access to an - Open Bed - truck that would save us literally 100 dirt shovels worth of work (or 130, my shovelfulls are small).
For the remaining weeding and work, please arrange among Esty, Ech, the Artist and Sean

Tuesday - Cindy is free at 4 pm (possibly earlier) and if Sean and The Artist are free it would be a great time to get a start on her trees. Please check in with each other - if you need any phone numbers, give a holla at 608-332-5834

Wednesday  - Lisa will be working at Barbs after work in the evening.

The Social Justice Center - Stephanie gave us 4 tomato plants which we added to the raised bed by the food pantry. Maple and Lisa will continue weeding and watering this spot - daily. Lisa will also work on signage and fencing.

The SJC has requested some plantings along the front curb on Williamson St. If anyone has flowers from their gardens we'll be happy to add them. I expect to do this closer to June 5.


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