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Tuesday!!! then Sunday!!!

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/18/2023 17:02:16

hello all

I hope you can make it to our HUMANs board meeting this Tuesday at 2pm CDT, followed at 3pm CDT by our Communications meeting.

We have several items to finish up so we can launch our member drive on Wed, leading up to the Summit over the weekend.

Saturday is for fun and I hope at least some of you can make it (I can't) - 3-5pm online karaoke, with a HUMANs and summit overview from Kurt and Emily to kick it off.

Sunday I really really hope you can join us 12-2CDT (probably ending slightly early) where we'll show how each member level works, with real examples from our sister sites. We should really be learning some stuff together, showing some new tools and plans, and signing people up to engage.

For Tuesday - we need to finalize our membership invitations and related communications (check this about member levels, member agreement (please help edit this!, and work flow.

Hope you can make it!