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Notes from 9.19.23

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 09/19/2023 23:29:09

Participated: Stephanie Rearick, Sean Gere, Randy Coloni

Here's a one-pager about the Madison MAN that we're making for fundraising purposes.

Sean will facilitate next Peace Practice 3 weeks.

Butch and McKenzie (Madison Street Medicine) might be interested in participating

Follow up about Madison Street Medicine membership in Madison MAN - SR

YWCA Racial Justice Summit Oct 4-6

Peace Practitioners are encouraged to join YWCA 3-day Restorative Justice training when available.

Mixed race discussion group - The Artist, John Brown, Randy, Sean - spearhead?

Outreach to neighborhoods offering assistance in

We can ask for donations in time or money to participate - help build this capacity in your neighborhood by inviting us to help start a Peace Practice. Need help with a specific conflict? - 2 paragraphs for Eastmorland paper - 10/21 deadline

UW Law School Jonathan Scharrer Restorative Justice training scheduling and wants:
Practice and role plays in restorative circles and community settings
Leadership ladder - show that people have gotten certain level of training, help them become empowered to be good facilitators/spreaders of peace practice
Where it might be implemented - check with schools (SR check with Amy Hilgendorf - Jeffrey Lewis School of the Streets). MMSD RJ in central district - SR - tailor
HRJ and neighborhood referrals

2 hour sessions - could we do Tuesdays 5-7?

Sharefest Oct 21 2-6 skillshares sought, RJ practitioners invited
Needs for sharefest - anyone want to offer?:
Food and drinks - Food Not Bombs - Joshua Seuward; donations from willy st coop
Invite skillshares - Sasha Green Life Trading Co. oat milk making workshop (all kinds of skillshares welcome)
Reach out to Monkey Business for an improv skillshare -
swap coordinators
open mic - host?

That's all for now, hope you can make it next Tuesday! And let us know if Tuesdays 5-7 in November can work for you for Restorative Justice training.

Thanks for reading