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Re: Notes from 9.19.23

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 09/20/2023 09:24:07
Great, those are the Tuesdays in November, to be exact. Still scheduling but if people are good with it we’ll see if we can confirm with Jonathan

Stephanie Rearick
+1 (608) 443-8229

On Sep 20, 2023, at 1:29 AM, Dandelion Roots Recreate <> wrote:

Hi there. I sent out an email to conflict resolution and residents council as well as board about the tuesday 5 to 7 with johnathen.
I will let you know if i get a responce from anyone .
In conflict resolution group the idea was well recieved.

I also sent out an email about skill share and if anyone was intrested in going . Let ya know about that one too. 

Thanks for doing what ya do. 
Angels of travel are with you! 

Can you share this event for us? Thanks 

On Tue, Sep 19, 2023, 6:29 PM Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

Participated: Stephanie Rearick, Sean Gere, Randy Coloni

Here's a one-pager about the Madison MAN that we're making for fundraising purposes.

Sean will facilitate next Peace Practice 3 weeks.

Butch and McKenzie (Madison Street Medicine) might be interested in participating

Follow up about Madison Street Medicine membership in Madison MAN - SR

YWCA Racial Justice Summit Oct 4-6

Peace Practitioners are encouraged to join YWCA 3-day Restorative Justice training when available.

Mixed race discussion group - The Artist, John Brown, Randy, Sean - spearhead?

Outreach to neighborhoods offering assistance in

We can ask for donations in time or money to participate - help build this capacity in your neighborhood by inviting us to help start a Peace Practice. Need help with a specific conflict? - 2 paragraphs for Eastmorland paper - 10/21 deadline

UW Law School Jonathan Scharrer Restorative Justice training scheduling and wants:
Practice and role plays in restorative circles and community settings
Leadership ladder - show that people have gotten certain level of training, help them become empowered to be good facilitators/spreaders of peace practice
Where it might be implemented - check with schools (SR check with Amy Hilgendorf - Jeffrey Lewis School of the Streets). MMSD RJ in central district - SR - tailor
HRJ and neighborhood referrals

2 hour sessions - could we do Tuesdays 5-7?

Sharefest Oct 21 2-6 skillshares sought, RJ practitioners invited
Needs for sharefest - anyone want to offer?:
Food and drinks - Food Not Bombs - Joshua Seuward; donations from willy st coop
Invite skillshares - Sasha Green Life Trading Co. oat milk making workshop (all kinds of skillshares welcome)
Reach out to Monkey Business for an improv skillshare -
swap coordinators
open mic - host?

That's all for now, hope you can make it next Tuesday! And let us know if Tuesdays 5-7 in November can work for you for Restorative Justice training.

Thanks for reading

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