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Re: Peace Practice plan for Tue 8.1

Sean Gere
- 07/27/2023 15:35:25
Thanks Stephanie

I did think of it in a focused way but I’m wondering if a component of the community peace and Justice and how we fit in part of the discussion could include or at least touch on what I’ll call for clarity ‘race relations’/ prejudice and anti-racism work. I prefer a term like cultural relations but that doesn’t quite do it.

Sean Gere

On Jul 27, 2023, at 10:10 AM, Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

Hello all,
Thanks for being part of the new SJC Peace Practice.

Next week Sean Gere facilitates, and offers a practice from a Non-Violent Communication workbook (we're calling it peaceful communication though)
We'll also spend around 15 minutes talking about bigger picture things, including possibilities for our group's own plans (what trainings, materials, topics etc) and also how we fit in a bigger picture of community peace and justice.

I'm attaching a picture of our flip chart notes.

Take care,

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