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Notes from 8.1.23 meeting

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 08/01/2023 23:38:30

Randy Coloni and I are here at the weekly Peace Practice at SJC, and taking on the topics:
Where SJC Peace Practice fits in the bigger local community justice picture
connected with other community restorative justice efforts - Community Restorative Court, Homelessness Restorative Justice project, Dane Restorative Justice Coalition, exploring strategy as a sub-group with Public Health Madison/Dane County notes here

What we might pursue in our own learning journey
restorative justice training - Johnathan Scharrer from UW - 8-12 weeks October start? SR will reach out
‘race relations’/ prejudice and anti-racism work - Nehemiah class + video library, Centro Hispano, Sanctuary Coalition
Tough Talks - Common Time game try playing at a Peace Practice if people want to. Facilitators and practice?

and we ended on time, just like we've all agreed :)
See you next week. Meanwhile, feel free to build on what we want to learn in our journey together, and suggestions for how we might want to learn each topic