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Making the exploitative global economy obsolete.

"Okay, we're still unpackin', but we're at home!"

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

Buckminster R. Fuller

Our HOME, or in other words HOmeostatic Mutual Environment is an ecosystem designed to become self sustainable. Based on people's innate ability to spontaneously organize by helping each other, sharing ideas, work, fruits of common labour...

HOME is powered by open source software suite - based on Reciprocity Loop. Dedicated to help Humans to flourish, eventually displacing the exploitative global economy with a neighbourly sharing global economy - networks of networks of mutual aid, support, understanding and knowledge.

Enjoy non-GAFAM collaborative apps

Collaborative folders & files & medias

Collaborative doc & spreadsheet & slide & mindmap, calendar, contacts, to-dos

Online meetings, discussions

Using Matrix and NetxCloud

Have your human focus management tools

Website, Contacts & contributors

Memberships, Mass mailings, Events

Projects & tasks & contributions

Expenses & invoice & books keeping

Using Odoo, mySmtp

Connect your community in mutual support and skills exchange

Connected P2P marketplaces using Hamlets-Drupal


Single Sign on
Connection among tools
Connection with Communecter
Decisions, geomap using Communecter
Helpdesk using Odoo

Become a member of the HUMANs global cooperative

Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks is a network of cooperative people and projects, designed to create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community. We provide tools and peer support to help you live your mutual aid-supported dreams. Fruitful and fun and we'd love to have you as a member! More detail about membership levels here.


$ 10 .00

and up / year
  • use of marketplace

  • receive communications and invitations to learning opportunities

  • informal peer support


$ 10 .00

and up / month
  • all of Basic

  • Regular workshops and small group or 1:1 technical assistance

  • Dream Time visioning

  • Governance

  • Posh Life design

  • Organizing your work

  • HOME Economics - we'll offer regular workshops to dive into various economic tools of mutual aid, helping you adapt and adopt them for your own dreams.

  • Email support

Sister site

$ 25 .00

/ month

+ share of member dues/fundraising

one-time set-up fee

  • all of Dreamer
  • access to more advanced tech tools and peer support for organizers, joint fundraising.


... depends

/ month
  • all of Sister site
  • access to business level features

Tech memberships


€ (*)

/ month / Gb
  • NextCloud account with Calendar, etc
  • No customization
  • LImited email support

Business as Commons

17 € (*)

/ month / user
  • Complete CRM for any size team
  • Get access to all modules
  • Limited customization
  • Limited Email support


1 € (*)

/ month / user
  • Get safe access to popular apps via bridges
  • connect via video
  • no customization
  • Limited Email support


1 € (*)

/ month / 5 GB
  • Get safe archive in a designated area. Europe, USA, Asia.
  • connect via NextCloud
  • no customization
  • Limited Email support

You can always combine things. Get creative! Once you join, you are part of a team.

Great stories have personality. Or so they say. And we are writing the brand new chapter together. We are in uncharted waters, no doubt. Yet it is exciting, it is fun, it is well - check for yourself. And tell us.

(*) prices are for Reciprocity Loop players, non players are welcome and pay 15% more

starting, set-up and training are not included, price on demand

included maintenance and access to P2P mutual support, more support and specific requirements are invoiced based on time (75 €/ h)


actualize wealth in service of Life

Non profit association based in France

Humanum institute

Research Institute behind strange concepts like: Homeostatic Mutual Exchange, Reciprocity Loop, Value Vectors, eValue and more.


... embracing change.
Change management tools designed by management professionals.

HUMANs United in Mutual Aid Networks

What would it look like if everyone were doing the work they loved, they were good at and what they felt called to do?
Let’s find out! 


green energy citizen coop
member of Centrales Villageoises
SAS cooperative in France


Small kitchen, great food, not to mention ideas.

Terre d'Isis

ecovillage land company in France

Your Organisation...

Feeling at home, yet?

Operational team

users support: peer organisations and P2P multual aid
setup support: Valeureux & Humanum

sysadmin support: Luxim

Technical details

Hosting: Contabo in Germany

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This is a collaborative project; we share values but also we share the costs and we share profits (Hopefully in the future. As for some foreseeable future we are reinvesting the profits into further development). We help each other. This is not a classical service provider <-> client relationship. We are in this together. If you succeed we succeed. If we fail, you fail.
See more about Reciprocity Loop here.

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