Working from HOME !

General architecture

Our HOME  ecosystem  is  designed to  ease  Mutual Aid  interactions.

  • focus and scope: the world / the network / 1 organization / 1 project / 1 task / 1 group / 1 person.

  • working activities  all along value chain processes

  • document to multiply awareness and share tools and learning 


                                        • My calendar 

                                        • My dashboard 

                                        • Membership 

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                                        • Access to Support Desk

                                        • Current Mutual Aid support: Projects, Needs, Resources 

                                        • Propose your contributions 

                                        • Give a suggestion, a feedback, a donation

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                                        • visit team spaces (Intention & Plan, Contributors, Rules, Circles & Roles, Partners & Contacts, Folders & Files & Media, Projects & Tasks & Contributions & Expenses, Resources, Events, News)  

                                        • join & follow a Team, a Role, a Project, a Task 

                                        • fill my contributor profile 

                                        • contribute and document Project & Tasks, Resources, Partners & Contacts, Calendar, News, Offers & Needs, Polls, Invitations, Tutos, Documentations, Website 

                                        • find, subscribe, join, contribute to an Online session 

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                                        MY DASHBOARDMY PORTAL, MY CLOUD, MY CHAT   

                                        • Start a chat or a video call with anyone by sharing this chat link.

                                        • Log offers and needs at the HOME marketplace, exchange with other individuals or organizations.

                                        • Create  team spaces with those who intend to work on your project (Intention & Plan, Contributors, Rules, Circles & Roles, Partners & Contacts,  Memberships

                                        • Design, publish and manage communications flows: 

                                        • Give public visibility to your projects in Communecter : Organisations, Projects, Offers & Needs, Polls, Resources

                                        • Gain wide participation: Decisions, Polls, Challenges 

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