HUMANs Membership levels

Joining the HUMANs Coop gives you access to different levels of action - from casual participation in our exchange system and learning sessions to working on other people's projects, starting or building on your own, and more


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Basic level

Individual or organization - use of marketplace, receive communications and invitations to learning opportunities

$10 per year and up

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Dreamer level

Leadership development and technical infrastructure to realize your dreams for your community of place or practice

Dreamer membership includes hands on, mutual commitment of time and other support. We ask a sliding-scale monthly contribution of 1-4 hours + $10+. 

Regular workshops and small group or 1:1 technical assistance, include:

Dream Time visioning  We'll host regular dream time visioning sessions and each participant will begin to host segments, then whole sessions, in a supportive environment. You'll be asked to invite some of your community team members to help build more leadership and engagement in your projects.

Governance  Group agreements, basics of cooperative structure, sociocracy and sociocracy-informed facilitation

Posh Life design  We'll learn together how to host effective ways to show how community members can have a posh life on an austere budget, via tools of mutual aid. Then see how reducing your need for money can free up your time to do more of what you want to.

Organizing your work  We'll offer tech tools and peer support so you can use them effectively to make your work easier and more fruitful.

HOME Economics  We offer regular workshops to dive into various economic tools of mutual aid, helping you adapt and adopt them for your own dreams.

  • Timebanking

  • Sharing - including libraries of things, common gardens

  • Common Good card

  • Common Funds - pooling money to lend and give

  • Reciprocity Loop - a win-win-win cooperative model where everyone shares in the benefits


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Sister Site

$25/month + share of member dues/fundraising one-time set-up fee - access to more tech tools and peer support for organizers, joint fundraising. Here's Sister site application

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For those who wish to expand beyond just alternative. And create a fair, reciprocal, mutual, ethical  - well - "mainstream for the 99%".

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