December Solidarity Summit and annual meeting 12/16-17/23
It was great! Links to recordings and notes

We had a great time at our December 2023 Solidarity Summit! It was our first using all open and values-aligned tech tools (although we did go back to zoom for a couple favors afterward). Please check out recordings and notes to see all the rich stuff that happened.

One thing we learned when compiling things to share – the video recordings sometimes show the presentation slides when you’d rather see the people. Sorry! and they’re still pretty informative. There’s a shared notes page that was saved and is visible in the recording too.

And much thanks to Kurt for making a written transcript from Sunday’s session!

Dec. 16 session: Clustering our Flocks – organizing by geography and interest area. Highlights include the rebirth of Madison’s health and care network, starting with monthly wellness meals and workshops in Feb., plus plans for regional gatherings of mutual aid networks, possibly with some mini-sprints and summits sprinkled in.

Please email if you’d like us to create a transcript of this session.

Dec. 17 sessions: Technicollab Dreams and Highlight Reel/Board Election  
Highlights included huge leaps in understanding the tech interoperability picture, big new possibilities for moving forward with it, plus adding two fantastic new members to the HUMANs Board – welcome Kathy Sipple and Stephen Hinton!
Transcript here
Freaky and somewhat accurate Zoom AI meeting summary here (and we’re leaving Zoom and switching completely to!


The HUMANs on Shareable’s The Response podcast
October 31, 2023 HUMANs President Stephanie Rearick appears on The Response podcast by Shareable