Right now SSO is not yet implemented. So in order to access any of the functionalities mentioned below you need to login first into one or all of three SW tools that we use. You can of course save logins into browser and in this way speed up the process. But this is not really the best practice. The best practice would be a "key manager" installed on your computer and/or phone. More about this in knowledge base.


Start a chat or a video call with anyone by sharing this discussion link.

Create and share Folders & Files & Media,

Share  Documentation

Manage Simple  Projects & Tasks & Calendars

Create collaborative workspaces (doc, table, slide, mindmap, Padlet)


Create  team spaces with those who intend to work on your project (Intention & Plan, Contributors, Rules, Circles & Roles, Partners & Contacts, Memberships

Create Discussion channels

Create Website deeply connected to back-office

Advanced  Projects & Tasks

Create mailing lists and email campaigns

Set up Events and handle registrations, payments, Invitations,

Track Contributions & Expenses, Resources

Design, publish and manage communications flows: Calendar, News,

Access Knowledge.



Log offers and needs at the HOME marketplace, exchange with other individuals or organizations.

Use time bank functionalities.