Open-space session & breakout rooms
3/19/23, 7:00 PM - 3/19/23, 9:00 PM (UTC) (2 hours)

Sunday March 192-4pm CDT/UTC-5:

We’ll host an open-space session where people are invited to go deep into specific issues, plans, or dreams. We expect to host several breakout rooms including:

Care Team/Wellness Networks;

Tech collaborations;

Regional Partnerships;

Learning Games.

We’ll see how we can develop more crystallized visions, then share them as a full group to close out the Summit.

All on zoom here. We'll record in case you have to miss it but the live connections are great if you're available.


As always, there's lots more, including Communications, HOME Economics, and Dream Time every week, on zoom and usually at Social Justice Center (rsvp if you want to show up in person, just in case). You're welcome at anything, and feel free to request orientations or meeting with your communities or organizations.

Just email or call 608 443-8229.

Here's our calendar.

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