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Responses please for 2024 EveryWhere Gardens

Sean Gere
- 04/07/2024 15:12:26
Hey all. As mentioned at the last monthly Madison MAN potluck at SJC I will be taking over coordinating for Everywhere Gardens.

As a brief introduction I’ve been an arborist for decades, involved with community gardens city wide and the Madison Area Permaculture Guld for ~20 years. I’ve been active in the Madison area with many Friends’ groups working in city parks and helped start the Fruits and Nuts initiative that among other things received grants for edible plants that created 3 large orchards, many smaller plantings and other efforts that have gotten food in many ways with and for the community. Ive been an avid forager and instructor for decades and am also a Master Naturalist. ’ve done a few other things but that is fine for now.😅

As the season is quickly approaching I would like to coordinate people, projects, skills, thoughts, time capacities plus other ideas from everyone.

***First off if you would like to be taken off of the list for Everywhere Gardens please let me know. I respect everyone’s limited time and energy. 

***If folks could chime in first of all with interest in participating then what can be offered and what folks would like to see happen with the effort.

***Lastly if folks could express interest in an in-person get together at SJC or virtually that would be helpful.

Thank you for consideration in working together with our community.

Sean Gere