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Garden communication flow - let's try!

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/06/2023 23:04:35

Hi all - this aims to lay out how we're going to communicate, trying to get into a flow that maximizes gardening and minimizes confusion and miscommunication. It isn't easy so thanks for bearing with us!

We meet each Tuesday at 4 outside SJC to group up and communicate about our week's schedule, and do work if we can.

Once a week we'll send an email to the whole list with the upcoming schedule - whoever is nailing something down first can let us all know that way.

Any changes, cancellations, etc should go to this email thread (garden.at-home.coop) so we all know about it. Just because one person is cancelling doesn't mean we all need to UNLESS it's the person with the garden and they don't want us there, or a person with key needed supplies or expertise.

Let's try to be really clear in our subject line, especially if it's a change in plans

Would anyone like to offer to text or call the people who don't use email? When a schedule comes out, or changes, we'd like to have a regular practice of phoning/texting them.

We'll try this for starters, and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks much

ps Tomorrow at 4:30 we're aiming to get soil to Esty - we'll need to know we have enough help. Please reply all to let us know if you can help and Esty or Lisa can help us know what's needed. Thanks!