Let's cooperate!

Bellow is the form to express your needs in digital space. Instructions are below, just in case.

How to fill up the form

Some things might not be clear. See below.

Tell us about you, what do you need, etc Just some basic info about what you need and what you intent to use the service for. With this we can understand your need better and act accordingly in providing you with the service.
Number of initial users How many user you are starting with. You will be able to change that at your convenience.
What kind of service you need?

Cloud -> files, collaboration tools, talk etc on cloud.
Business -> accounting, project management, everything you need to run your business.
Association  -> manage memberships, coop shares, etc.
Do you need GroupAdmin for Cloud functionality? In case you would like to administer your own group. Groupadministrators have the rights to create, edit and delete users in their assigned groups. Groupadministrators cannot access system settings, or add or modify users in the groups that they are not Group Administrators for.
Amount of needed space in GB in cloud Just to start with. Later you can add more space.
For any comments you might have. Just let us know. Whatever you might find relevant for our cooperation.

 And you are all set. Just press the submit button above.