Technicollab dreams
Location: tbd - 12/17/23, 5:00 PM - 12/17/23, 7:00 PM (UTC) (2 hours)

Technicollab dreams
Gorazd Norcic

Learn about our hopes, dreams, and progress toward a values-aligned tech ecosystem that supports a healthy, sustainable mutual aid economy. Hear what's happening already, see what can benefit you and your project, find synergies with your own tech collaborations, and help move forward together.

We'll update you on our HOME (Homeostatic Mutual Environment) and some new partnerships, and together we'll explore potential additional synergies and connections.

Saturday 12/16

10am CST - we'll get together in person for breakfast at our local hub, and encourage you to do the same! The rest of the sessions are all online, look here for the link.

10:30-11am CST getting to know you - this will be a casual introduction and chat session where everyone is invited to say hello.

11-1pm CST  clustering our flocks - We'll give an overview of the HUMANs network and the summit itself, then we'll focus on clustering our flocks. We'll gather in breakout rooms by geography during our first hour, take a fun break, then spend the rest of the time clustering by interest area. Some likely topics include Community Justice, Timebanking, Health + Care, and you can add topics.

1-3pm CST  we'll go offline and host an in-person reception at our local hub, and invite you to do the same.

3-4pm CST   Online karaoke with Marilyn Lamer!

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Sunday 12/17


11am-1pm CST -Technicollab Dreams   We'll show our current tech collaborations (HOME, VF, Credit Commons, Murmurations), and invite participants to share information, inspiration, and potential further collaborations. We expect to find concrete action steps that we'll follow through with to create a high-functioning cooperative tech ecosystem.

1-2pm CST The Grand Finale: Recap of the summit, the visible heart of the truly free market, HUMANs annual meeting and Board election

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